Apartmaji in sobe Anzl – Mirna lokacija, pravljični apartmaji in sobe, wifi, klima, brezplačno parkirišče in še mnogo več v estetsko dovršenih apartmajih. pranzlno-aktivnosti-slider-image


Staying by Anzl, you can start your day with delicious home made Slovene breakfast – fresh eggs, home made dairy products, home made sausages and zaska (minced lard), marmalade and pastry. With newly gained energy, you can begin your journey of exploring Bled and its surroundings. Journey starts with one single step, which can soon become a walk around the Lake Bled with mandatory stop to taste Bled local sweet – Kremšnita. For those, who prefer to take steps with a bit of challenge, Bled offers a lot of possibilities to climb small hills around the Lake and take stunning photos from the bird perspective – among those are hills Straža (sledding track in the summer and ski slope in the winter), Dobra Gora, Mala Osojnica, Ojstrica. All seasons are beautiful in Bled, which is often also called Image of Paradise. In the Summer you can refresh yourself in the Lake Bled or Sava river, at winter you have ski slopes in the neighborhood and many restaurants to experience local culinary specialties. If you wish to know more about Bled history, visit Bled castle, where museum is located. Tiredness after long day of exploring, can be easily cured with visiting Sauna at Anzl house, or trying their home made – pear brandy – schnapps.